Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for a test, I always start with a deep breath. It puts me in a calm state so that I can focus on whatever I need to study. I also minimize distractions by not studying at home. I will read all my notes and highlight or otherwise mark things that I don't understand or that I could be more clear on. I research these things, then I type up my updated notes onto my laptop. After I do all that, I stop studying for about half an hour. This break allows me to clear my head so that when I go back to studying I can truly focus on what is in front of me. When I come back to studying, I will look for Youtube videos like Crash Course. Watching those gives me a better understanding of the topic and in some cases it has brought up points that I did not think about before. Those points often end up being on the test, so watching Youtube videos on the subject is a must for me. Then I will review my notes as many times as I need, usually until I feel confident enough to move to the final part of my test prep. The last thing I do involves explaining whatever the topic is to the wall or a stuffed animal. Trying to explain something clearly out loud helps me to find areas that I do not understand so that I can go back and study those particular areas more. The day of the test I get up early and go for a walk. This helps to clear my head and focus on the test.

Rebekah from West Virginia
College Sophomore
Messiah College