Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I purchased a pair of hearing protection ear muffs, the kind you see contractors use while conducting landscaping operations. Forty eight hours prior to the test I begin my routine, it is significantly different from general study habits. A combination of nutrients, no responsibilities or distractions and low level lighting is absolutely vital here.

For nutrients I secure four high calorie Meal Ready to Eat (MRE)'s from the local Army Surplus store. On average that is a total of eight to ten thousand calories within that 48 hour period. I also secure twelve bottles of water (Smart Water of course). Of those twelve bottles of water, two will be used for the disposable heating assembly within the MREs. This will accomplish two things namely; I will not have to take time to cook or go out to eat and it provides easy cleanup (basketball toss into the trash can).

My spouse has been given the wonderful opportunity to secure quality parenting time with the children at grandmas house and the animals are boarded. The door bell is disconnected and a sign is displayed on the front door that reads "Please ring doorbell, will not hear knock". My vehicle is parked half a mile up the street to help lower the possibility of door to door salesmen approaching my living quarters. I borrow my friends Husqvarna Automower 450X, installed the perimeter guards to secure all landscaping responsibilities and I dawn my hearing protection ear muffs.

I turn on my laptop, turn off the lights and put the 5 year old device into Night Mode which emits far less blue light into my eyes. With the hearing protection ear muffs on, lights off and blinds closed I begin to study.

Studying consists of reading a chapter followed by practical exercises. After the PEs, I use quizlet with Adblock enabled for memorization. I then take a mock test, look at deficiencies and engage those objectives fiercely repeat activities.

On test day I continue wearing my hearing protection until the Proctor says begin.

Steven from Georgia
College Junior
Western Governors University