Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have never had any experience with test preparations when entering High school, consequently, my freshman year was very difficult. When I studied for a test without preparing myself, I couldn’t remember anything on the exam day. My grades were getting lower and I felt I would fail. However, that all changed when I started to prepare for my exams a few weeks before I took them. So, I started to study the content every day for an hour. I learned that if you study a little bit every day, you would understand and remember the content much better than when you cram everything the night before the test. I always study with a purpose and without distractions. I also prefer to move around and stay active. After I finish studying, I close my book and on a separate piece of paper I write down everything that I learned. Doing that allows me to see what I have mastered and found out what information (that I thought I knew) I didn’t know. It narrows down my studying to only the things I don’t remember well. It also helps when I wake up early before a test and refresh myself with all the content because it strengthens my memory. When the test came, I was able to reconcile everything I wrote down and was able to pass the test.
For harder tests, like the ACT and AP exams, I found that taking practice tests have helped me very much. In addition, timing myself before the test has helped me to feel confident and encouraged me to do my best. Studying every day with the mindset that I have a test the next day encourages me to try harder. When I did that, I noticed that by the time the exam came I knew most of the content. These test preparations have made me pass all of my tests with A’s and gave me a way to not feel nervous about tests.

Remun from Arizona
High School Senior
Catalina High School