Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Two modes of test preparation that have secured my a spot in a top 50 medical school are flashcards and study guides. When I was studying for the MCAT, flashcards helped me organize complex ideas into simple steps. Instead of memorizing every small detail of an organ system, I was able to synthesize this knowledge and repeat it over and over through the use of flashcards. I actually used the Mometrix flashcards to review organic chemistry and physics. Initially, I was able to divide the flashcards into two piles: what I knew and what I needed to relearn. After getting a generalized idea of what concepts I needed to revisit, that is when you begin to use study guides. By using study guides from reputable sources, such as Mometrix, you have access to practice questions which are similar to those you will encounter on the actual exam. Also, study guides are full of helpful tips and tricks that helped me raise my score from the 50th percentile, to the 85th percentile. Study guides also ensure that you not only know the material, but that you are able to apply it. Without study guides, it is easy to lose sight of what the exam will look like. Practice questions, tips, and advice along the way ensure that you are not only learning the science, but you are learning how to do well on the exam. The MCAT is a four part seven hour thirty minute behemoth; it would be incredibly difficult to prepare for this type of exam without refreshing concepts with flashcards and learning the concepts and structure of the exam with study guides. What is great about Mometrix is that they provide a plethora of resources, not only for those studying medicine, but law, business, languages, education, and other graduate coursework. When it comes to dedicating hundreds of hours to an exam, which materials you use are of monumental importance. I stand by Mometrix because without their flashcards and study guides, a 510 would have been impossible for me.

Alexandra from Illinois
College Junior
University of Illinois in Chicago College of Medicine