Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

More than ever, school grades are having a major impact on the lives of students across the United States. From the first grade all the way up to asenior year in college, test scores are a major factor in what classes students end up in, which ultimately determine their future path. Due to this, test preparation is very crucial in order for students to do well on tests and quizzes in school. For me, test preparation is successful when the student does practice problems and avoids partaking of distracting items.

Practice problems are essential to doing well on tests. Many students will try and study textbook definitions and theoretical concepts in order to prep for tests. While helpful, they do not give students a realistic sample of what the actual tests will be like. Doing practice problems over and over helped improve my time management skills and my overall performance. Practice problems help improve time management skills due to the fact that they help you figure out what areas of study you need to improve on in terms of speed. Also, practice problems help give you an accurate reading of the time pressure during tests and how to manage your time in order to complete all the problems in an allocated time period. In addition to time management skills, practice problems help students improve overall scores. For me, doing problems similar to that of the test allowed me to understand the overall process and steps involved in various problems. As a result, I was able to answer problems in a relatively short time due to my prior knowledge from practice problems.

Another important test preparation skill is to avoid all distractions. We live in an era where we have an abundance of distractions available, particularly in the form of electronics and other people. When studying, always make sure to silent your phone or place it in an area where you can’t get it. A simple text message or Snapchat message could lead to an hour lost of studying. The same goes for computers

Newton from Arizona
College Sophomore
Arizona State University