Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Financial Aid is a big factor for college students which is why Amanda decided on applying to FAFSA, acquired student loans, saved up salary money, and a journalism scholarship for those with a 3.75 GPA or above. The maximum amount of money that a freshman student can get is up to the full cost of the student’s education, which varies from student to student. Grants are a great source of financial aid, the Texas Grant goes up to $6,095 per year. Scholarships also help aid in the cost of college and Amanda does have one scholarship but NMSU has a variety that she could have applied for; Communications Workers of America, Cress Excellence in Journalism, Sandy Graham Endowed Scholarship Fund and Journalism and Mass Communications Scholarship. A student can apply for a grant by filling out an application which will let the student know how much money they are qualified to be given.
New Mexico State University is a public research university, since Amanda wants to have a bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communications this is a good university to go to since they do offer her major as well as other opportunities that will help her graduate and strengthen her knowledge. NMSU’s total undergraduate enrollment students is 12,500 which is among the smaller universities. NMSU is located in Las Cruces which is a small city in New Mexico. Amanda has not yet traveled with the university but she has been able to get an internship related to her major as well as paid job with the university.
Amanda Adame attends New Mexico State University, located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. While Amanda attends NMSU, she is majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications with a focus in broadcast, public relations, advertising with a minor in education. Prerequisites are classes that are taken prior in order to take certain classes a person may want for their major, this class will help prepare them. Most schools do require prerequisites, in this case Amanda did in fact need for all her classes except one. AP and Dual
Credit would help a regular High school student by deducting the amount of basic classes they would have to get but since Amanda graduated from Valle Verde Early College High school AP and Dual Credit are within the associate’s degree she obtained. All credits from EPCC do transfer to NMSU.
The environment of NMSU does in fact make Amanda very happy and she is glad to have chosen this university. She is happy because she is able to pursue her career in an extraordinary university that not only offers her major but also helps her step in the right direction by helping her find paid jobs as well as internships that will help her gain experience for her future job. The positives of this university is the culture. Amanda truly feels like she is able to get the whole college experience especially because she lives on campus. Amanda has learned a whole lot and she is surrounded by people who love the same thing she does and are equally passionate and amazing, it was all Amanda wanted and more. The only negatives that Amanda believes there is, are all the financial things, Amanda initially was very negligent towards taking out a student loan but after careful consideration she decided to take it out. Her reason is that by taking out a loan she is simply investing in her future.
Overall Amanda is fully content with her choice and strongly believes that she has made the right decision for her path towards her career. In my opinion, I think that while she made many smart decisions she could have avoided taking out a loan by applying for more scholarships, especially because New Mexico State University has plenty of scholarships for those with Journalism and Mass Communications Majors. Amanda’s situation will remain stable because of the income that she is going to have when she starts her job given by the school, the loan she has taken out as well as the journalism scholarship she had acquired prior to staring

school. As long as Amanda can maintain a GPA of 3.75 or above she will be able to keep her scholarship.

Laura from Texas
High School Senior
Valle Verde Early Collhe