Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a test is one of the essential parts of any class. Taking a test proves what a student has learned in the class and how they can apply it. By using effective test preparation practices, students can be guaranteed an improved test score. One of my test preparation strategies is using the application called Quizlet. I will begin to create my Quizlet during the class and fill it out with valuable information. Then I will take the study guide (if one is provided) and insert that information into the Quizlet as well. By using Quizlet, it gives me a place to collect all the information I have gathered from the class. If I find that I have any questions about the course or the study guide, I will go into my professor's office hours and have them review any topics I am still unsure about. I find Quizlet works for me because there are so many options that can be used to evaluate the information that was entered into the flashcard set up. Quizlet allows me to use flashcards, test myself, write out the terms, spell, match definitions and words to each other, and much more. Another great feature of Quizlet is the ability I have to print out my study guides for on the go studying. There are multiple ways to print your study set for many different studying styles such as flashcards and glossary style. On Quizlet, one of my favorite features is where students can play games with the study content and compete against other students who have a Quizlet. There are rankings on each study set you create, and they show who has played the game feature and who has done the best. Quizlet is very accessible because you can send your study set to others by copy and pasting the link and messaging it to others. As well as sending it to classmates, you can create a class folder that contains all of the study sets you have made for that class. If you find a study set for the course that another Quizlet user has made, you can easily add it to the class folder you have created. I recommend Quizlet to all of my classmates and friends because it is very accessible and easy to use. The best part about Quizlet for many college students is that it is free! No better way to prepare for a test!

Elise from Arizona
College Sophomore
The University of Arizona