Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests and exams have proven to be some of the greatest sources of stress and strain for all students. The weeks leading up to an important test are always nerve racking as we pressure ourselves to be as prepared as possible. Over the years my own personal methods of preparation have greatly changed and adapted.
One of the biggest revelations that I have realized is that beginning to study exactly a week before every exam is always exponentially more beneficial than late-night cramming. While this may seem like it is common sense, a lot of times it is difficult to hold ourselves accountable and to actually force ourselves to study. The most difficult aspect of test preparation is, in fact, beginning, as often times people will realize that once you get past that initial hurdle, the time dedicated to studying the material completely flies by. I think that the best way to actually get yourself to begin to study is to mentally prepare yourself before actually beginning by visualizing yourself in the act. Visualization is a technique that is used in all types of departments and has proven to be a very successful way of preparing both your mind and body for an upcoming task, making this the perfect method for test preparation.
I have also found that once studying has begun, stacking some snacks and other flavorful drinks around you is always a good idea. I think that it helps supply a positive reward while in the act and can even help to stimulate the brain in other ways than just direct information. Everyone has their own methods of test preparation that works best for them and for different subjects, but personally for me its the preparation that comes before the studying that is the most important and beneficial.

Carlos from Arizona
College Sophomore
Arizona State University