Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Cramming the night before a test is a dangerous game that many students like to play, and is definitely not the smartest route to take when wanting to pass a test. Having maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA, more specifically a 4.6, I definitely have a few strategies that will change your academic performance for the better. Excelling in school is a mental game, and it is all about the effort you put into your studies that determine the grades you earn. Two hours of sleep and a large cup of coffee is not a reliable way to earn an A.
Begin with a good nights rest every night, especially the day before the test. Being half awake while trying to take an exam will hold you back from performing at your highest potential. Getting a full eight to nine hours of sleep, and waking up early enough to have a good morning without rushing out of the house, will set you up to take your exam with confidence and attentiveness. Also, it would be even better to pair a good nights rest with a healthy breakfast that morning to fuel your mind and body. When you feel good, you perform you best, and this healthy routine will set up a day of success in the classroom.
Not only do you have to treat your mind and body well prior to the test, but it is also important to learn the information needed to pass the exam as well. The best way for the brain to remember specific details and information is learning it periodically, a little bit each day so that it has time to fully process and store the information for the test. It is difficult to cram a whole lesson in one night, which is why doing a little bit each day will lower stress and also make the workload seem much more bearable. So do not stress, study a little bit each night, eat well, get sleep, and just try your best. The rest will follow, just go in with your head high, shoulders back, and with the belief that you know you will do phenomenal.

Alexis from Florida
High School Senior
Forest High School