Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Learning effective study techniques is a skill that will get you closer to your goals and, more importantly, is something that can be taught!! That's right, although some people are born good test-takers, it is not impossible to teach yourself tips and tricks! As a college student who started off pretty rusty my freshman year, I've learned study habits that have allowed me to drastically improve my GPA and I am STILL learning. First and foremost, WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN!!! Studies have shown that writing a word is equivalent to reading it about 21 times. If your class requires mere memorization, take notes or make flashcards! Quizzing yourself with flashcards really helps you remember it the next time you try to answer because most of us don't like being wrong and basically we'll naturally not try to make the same mistake twice after messing up initially. Figuring out what works best for you (are you visual?auditory?a mix?) can also help tremendously! For example, I know I am an extreme auditory learner, so one of my techniques includes recording my professor's lectures and listening to them in the car on my way to campus. If you're more visual, try to draw out a scenario while trying to learn how something works, or close your eyes and imagine a scenario. For example, if you're trying to learn how photosynthesis works you can try imaging the sun being friends with the plant and helping her by donating some light, etc. Realizing that studying is our brain forming associations is the best way to understand how you learn best, so however, you typically remember everyday things and conversations are likely very closely associated with how you study best. Also, I'd recommend sticking with the same "pre-test" routine and sitting in the same seat on test day if you're in the same classroom.

Gina from Tennessee
College Junior
Middle Tennessee State University