Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation begins in the classroom for me. Taking useful notes is key, and that doesn't mean everything word for word. Writing down what I know is going to be on a test is important just as much as what a professor might say is going to be on a test. Immediately after class going over notes to keep the information fresh in my head is the next step. If I do this, it will make it difficult to forget what I was taught. Going back to my notes as I do homework is crucial for me. Homework is my chance to really make sure I learn what information I have got and what information I need to review again. This will help me understand what I already know so I don't waste time with what I already know and not lose focus on what I don't. Daily review is also very important because I can't afford to forget any information I have learned. If I take time away from the information, I most probably will forget it. As long as I go over my notes as well as classwork and any homework I can keep on top of things and not lose it. Consistent review is the last thing as it is key to making sure I test myself on whether or not I know the things I need to know. Finding a classmate or getting together in a group is my way of being able to test both myself and others. Being able to know the information and be able to tell someone else the right answer and an explanation to the answer is a great way for me to be able to solidify the knowledge for myself. I find that teaching the information to others is extremely beneficial not only to yourself but to those you are helping study as well. Finally on the day of the test I go over all the test material one last time. I only quickly review things as if I spend time on specific things I lose focus on other key things and wont remember them during the test. Quickly looking over the information is also beneficial as I can cover all the information instead of losing time and only getting to some.

Garret from Louisiana
College Sophomore
University of New Orleans