Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best test preparation practices are completing end of chapter questions, flashcards, and watching Youtube videos related to the content. End of chapter questions are by far the best method becase it truly tests your knowledge on the information in the textbook and is easy to do on your own if your professor isn't giving you a study guide. I starting doing end of chapter question in my fourth semester of college and it has made a huge difference in my preparedness for tests. Flashcards seem obvious, but it truly is the best method to make sure you have an understanding of vocabulary or other concepts. Flashcards are also a great tool for studying in groups! Finally, I've found that watching Youtube videos that explain the concepts you're being tested on can help with having an understanding of material. This has been another practice that has helped me to know the material and not just memorize it for one test. By utilizing these three practices, it's become easier to take final cumulative exams after spending the semester taking unit tests with those practices. On top these three methods, the other best test preparation is time. I always suggest to begin studying a week before the test for optimal test preparedness.

Lauren from Ohio
College Sophomore
University of Louisville