Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The way that I study for tests is by teaching others. My friends and I gather together before a test whether its in a group call or in real life, and we go through all the content. If anyone has any questions, we jot down the topic that needs to be reviewed. After we go through all the content and have a list of topics, we assign topics to teach to each other. Because we have to teach others the topic in a clear and concise way, we get to know the material really well. I'm also an auditory learner, so I learn better when people are teaching verbally, like when we're on call. My friends and I also use casual language, so it's easier to understand the content with analogies and just more simple language. I work better with a group because we each, individually, aren't tackling all of the content but smaller sub-sections, making it easier to focus on all of the important parts, rather than a large generalization of the topic. It's faster and easier to tackle content when it's broken up in a group.
Another great way that I study is by making study guides with my friends. Making a study guide forces you to comb through the content and look for the most important parts. It also helps you work closely with the content. I like to start a week before the test and slowly add to the study guide, so that I'm not stressing last minute. Working a little everyday, helps me handle a larger amount of content better, because I'm not going to be cramming a large amount of content last minute. I like to study with low stress, because it helps me focus better. I know diamonds are made under pressure, but I can't handle such an enormous amount of pressure. It's better to sleep at your regular sleeping time, than staying up til 3 a.m. trying to cram last minute. I feel energized and confidant when I wake refreshed rather than tired.

Tasnim from New York
High School Senior
The Brooklyn Latin School