Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When someone says “test preparation,” the image of study cramming and all-nighters comes to mind. This is a stressful and inefficient way to prepare for an upcoming test. Test preparation does not begin after all the study material has been dispersed, instead, it begins as soon as the first lesson begins in class. In class, as the professor is lecturing, the student should be taking notes. Even if the PowerPoint is available online, taking notes in imperative. Handwritten in preferable. Taking notes helps the information sink in, especially when the notes are in your own handwriting. The notes taken in class can be expected to be messy and hard to read, and so brings us to the second step in test preparation. After class, rewrite the same notes in a separate notebook in an organized manner. Rewriting helps solidify the knowledge that you learned in class and organizing the notes is helpful for the following step. The third step is as follows: at the end of each week review all of the notes that are in the organized notebook. Reviewing all of the materials each week keeps the knowledge fresh. If there are three weeks between each test, by the third week the first week material will be a foggy memory if it is not reviewed each week. Although this method seems time consuming, it is the exact opposite. The night before the exam when other students are in the library, drinking energy drinks, and trying to cram all of the material from their messy notes into their memory to retrieve the next morning in class, you can spend twenty minutes reviewing the notes one last time and then you have time to do whatever you want to do. If you want to go see some friends, you have time to, if you want to meal prep for the following week and go to the gym, you have time to. Erase the thought that test preparation begins after the professor has given out a study guide. Test preparation begins at lesson one.

Kelsey from Washington
College Sophomore
Spokane Falls Community College