Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Not everyone can just listen to the teacher or professor, and remember what they said. I am one of those people so I came up with a method to better help me for test. I realize this method may not help everyone, but I’m hoping it will help someone. I am going to break down the steps I take to better prepare me for a test.
First, I take notes for that class the day before so that I have some kind of understanding of what the professor will be discussing. With those notes I make sure I am organizing the notes by headings , and subtle’s. After I get my notes all written out I make sure to go back through it and highlight information that sticks out to me. Then the next day of class I listen to what the professor mentions in his speech about the lecture. While doing so I write down any additional information I find essential to the chapter.

Second, when I get the chance to make it back in my room I lay my notes across the table and I make my own study guide. I put key words in bold texts or even words I quite don’t fully understand. I make sure that if there is any methods apart of the notes that I put those in italics. I bold the text so that if there is a chance that I see those words it will help jog a memory of what the words mean. Then I make the answer key to the study guide making sure it is in my own words.
Last, but not least I go through my professors study guide if provided with one. Then I compare my study guide to the professors seeing if I was on the right track. Then I look over my notes the next morning before my test. I have been doing that for all my test , and have yet to not pass one. That is my great test preparation practices.

Victoria from South Carolina
College Sophomore
Coastal Carolina University