Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation is simple but yet effective. I go over the material I need for the test every day, if possible. It is not for a long time but long enough for my Brian to wrap around the concept. When I am away from my notes, I mentally quiz myself to see what I actually remember. When I return to my notes I see how well I did with my mental quiz. If there are pictures and diagrams exclusive to a section, I take a mental image of that and burn it into my brain until all I can picture is the image.

I try not to overwhelm myself. Trying to learn a lot at one time ends up becoming potinless since one cannot retain all that information at one time. I think it is best to study until your brain tell you that it is tired and cannot go on anymore. Burnout and sleep deprivation is no better for test taking than studying for a short amount of time. Going over the material each day in short increments and mental quizzes help me through every test and I end up doing well, in most cases.

Jontier from Maryland
College Sophomore
Chesapeake College