Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe that I have very efficient and purposeful test preparation methods. During the week before a major test, I always go to bed at or before 10 PM, and I wake up at 8:30 PM. In doing that, I get over ten hours of sleep the whole entire week so that I am well rested for the big test. During school, I make sure to pay attention in class and take any notes that I can so as to have them to use in preparation for the big test. I ask my teacher for any extra review I can complete and ask any questions I may have pertaining to the materials that will be found on the test. After school, instead of going out and hanging out with my friends, I come home and prepare a snack consisting of healthy items. After eating the snack, I then take a few moments to take out my notes and organize them. Sometimes, I use my notes to create flashcards using any definitions/key terms to help me study. I then study those flashcards and notes for 2-3 hours on each night before the test so as to learn and remember all the content. I usually have a parent, sibling, or close friend quiz me over the material in order to fully review the material. When test day comes, I am usually fully prepared, but I always go over the material in the hours leading up the test to make sure that I fully understand all the content and will be able to obtain a satisfactory grade on the test. Before the test, I usually put in a piece of gum to help me concentrate. Also right before the test, I make sure to look over any anagrams or equations that could be of assistance during the test. During the test, I write down any of the anagrams or equations that are needed, and then I complete the test, double checking all my answers afterwards. These test preparation practices always assist me in being successful on any major tests I may have because they allow me to make sure I know all of the information well and remember it for the test.

Matthew from Texas
High School Senior
Celina High School