Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best test preparation tool I use to study is taking well-written notes. Studying for a test begins in advance and having well-written notes are key to study preparation. Therefore, by taking well-written notes I have all of the material and information I need to study. I can then read over those notes several times per day leading up to the test. By Thoroughly reading over my notes I can improve my understanding of the material while memorizing the information. While reviewing my notes I highlight, underline, and color code important information or key points. This ensures that I do not overlook any of the material that I need to study and it helps me remember important information. In addition, I leave spaces between topics and in the margins of my paper to write down life applications. This allows me to use what I have learned and apply it to life situations. By doing this I can improve my understanding of the material and also help with the memorization of the information. After reading through my notes several times, I read them aloud to myself. By doing this I can memorize the information and it ensures that I do not overlook any of the material. After reading my notes aloud to myself several times I read them to a peer. By doing this I can explain the material and its life applications as if I were teaching the subject. This allows me to know if I have an understanding of the material and what topics I may need to revisit and review again. Well-written notes are my favorite study tool because when they are used creatively they provide all of the necessary information that is needed for a test.

McKayla from Oklahoma
College Freshman
University of Central Oklahoma