Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Personally, in order to prepare for a test I begin by going to my syllabus and looking at the goals for my class. Once I know my goals, I begin organizing important dates, people, or vocabulary words into different areas. I study these dates, people, and words in order to get a solid, general understanding of what they are. When I feel comfortable with them, I add in more details about their importance and dig further into connecting them to the big picture. Next, I form questions that I think the test may ask and answer these in an open-ended testing format. One of the biggest things that helps me prepare for a test is studying and taking practice tests in an area similar to the testing environment. By doing this, I am able to feel more comfortable with the material and the testing environment so I am not completely overwhelmed on test day. I have also found it very useful to meet with my professors after each test to see what I missed. This helps me see the type of questions I missed and try to solve that problem. Additionally, I was able to gain insight on the format of the tests and the way the specific professor likes to test his/her students. By taking initiative learn about the format, I am able to prepare for future tests.

Mackenzie from Georgia
College Freshman
University of Georgia