Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a test can be a daunting task, especially when there is a vast amount of material. I’m more stressed when I procrastinate, so I have found three methods that work best for me. Reviewing material a little each day, using flashcards for definitions and for more broad topic exams, reading and creating my own chapter notes. The system I use depends on the subject, but all require repetition and dedication.
Flashcards are my go-to. Nowadays, they can be created on your phone with a convenient free app called Quizlet. They can be read aloud, star any questions you miss for review, and it even has a shuffle mode. It can test in different formats, which makes it a fun way to study. I also use paper flashcards because writing out the words and definitions helps me memorize.
Rereading and reviewing notes on a daily basis is the way to retain information. A small amount of time each day goes a long way. I usually need to sit in a quiet room and eliminate all distractions. I understand the material better the second time and pick up on details I missed before. Sometimes, I can see the page in my head during the test!
Studying for a math test is a bit different. Once the process is understood for a certain type of math problem, it can be applied to other questions. Repetition is once again a must, so the steps come more natural, but understanding the order is crucial. Why steps are completed is the key to future success. Straight memorization will not help you with subsequent exams because math is a subject that builds upon the prior material. Yes, practice does make perfect…or close to it!
These are my favorite test preparation practices. They make studying efficient and almost fun! When preparing for a test becomes fun you can focus better, allows your mind to relax and takes away some pre-test stress. I think it is important to have some go-to tools you can resort to before big exams. They have all helped me succeed and finish High School with a 4.5!

Alexa from Florida
High School Senior
University High School