Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for tests has always been a struggle for me. I have tried various different techniques throughout my school career, but nothing really stuck. Once my junior year of high school came and loads of tests fell into my lap, I knew I needed to find my test preparation practices. The practices I learned worked best for me are rewriting and reading my notes out loud and not waiting until the last minute to start studying.
Rewriting my notes and reading them out loud has significantly impacted my test grades. I've learned that when I'm in class taking notes, I'm not really retaining the information I'm writing down. I'm mostly focused on making sure I write as much as I possibly can. I then realize after class that I don't really remember what we just talked about. When I rewrite my notes, it's kind of like I'm learning the material for the first time again. I'm really reading what I'm writing and I'm retaining it in my head. The same goes for reading my notes out loud. When I do this, I really have to focus on what I'm saying.
I always knew I was a bit of a procrastinator, but I never accepted it. Once I realized how detrimental this was, I started to make a change. I now start to study a little each night before my actual test. When I do this, I'm basically reviewing the same information over and over again until it sticks. Doing this, I've noticed I'm not as tired the day of the actual test. It improves my sleep schedule and I feel more energized at school. When I wait until the night before to start studying, I stay up late and then I'm tired while I'm taking the test. Most of the time I realize I don't even remember what I studied. I also learned it isn't always best to study the night before a test. This allows your brain to rest so you can be prepared for the test the next day.
I'm very happy I found what practices work for me. My grades and my overall health have significantly improved and I encourage everyone to find what practices work best for them.

Haley from Georgia
High School Senior
Islands High School