Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe I have many test preparation practices that are ideal for entering college and being a successful test taker. One of these preparations is being prepared. By having all of the notes needed for the subject the test is on will have you prepared for the exam. Another preparation that is crucial is studying, but not just the night before. By studying a week before an exam or as soon as you find out about it will have you best prepared to know all the material needed to succeed. While studying I find that index cards are one of the most efficient ways to study for an exam. You can use these for vocabulary, questions you know will be on the exam and any other information that will help you ace your test. Aside the studying, getting a good night sleep the night before a test will help as well. Being well rested will help with any drowsiness that may occur, especially if an exam is in the morning. Everyone has different strategies to how they take tests, and this is just one way that I get prepared for an exam.

Hailee from New York
High School Senior
Ogdensburg Free Academy