Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for a big exam is by far the most nerve racking task a student has to endure. It is also the most important part of the journey. A study program can make or break your student career. Here are three sure fire practices I use to boost my test scores. Organization, review every thing and have a reliable study group.

Organization is key to any successful study program. Starting with highlighters, the more colors the better. Organizing your the order in which you study helps you to recall the information. Start with reading the text before class and then review your notes once you get home. Creating a study schedule in advance will ensure that you will cover every lesson. Labels helps you to link categories in your head when taking the test. For example when studying for an anatomy exam you can label all the the circulatory system in red, start with structures and define the functions.

When studying for the an exam not only is it important to read the text, Don't forget charts, definitions, and diagrams. These little nuggets are designed to aid in recollection. Previous test can be your best friend. This will help you to point out your weak points. Final exams will often feature questions from previous unit test. Another study jewel that is available are practice test. Using a wide array of materials are effective when studying for a standardized test.

Last but not least, make studying fun. Study groups can make studying more enjoyable. Preparing fun snacks gives you energy and brain food that will keep you going. Comparing notes helps you fill in gaps that you may have missed in the class. By scheduling regular study groups you can eliminate procrastination and sharpen your study skills. This will help you hold yourself and the other students accountable. So shake it up a bit and get to know some of your classmates.

There are many ways to prepare for big exams. These are some ways to improve study habits and get better results.

Adrienne from Texas
College Junior