Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Common side effects of an impending test can include anxiety, nervousness, loss of sleep, poor eating habits, nausea, urges to build a rocket to the moon in order to hide, and night terrors. When a tester is suffering from any of these symptoms they can apply some simple home remedies to alleviate the problem. What are they pray tell? They include preparation and relaxation.
Preparation starts WAY before the test can ever take place. Very rarely does a test take place without ample time to get ready for it. As a student you know that you will be taking multiple tests throughout the course. So learn the material, read the texts, and my least favorite part: DO THE HOMEWORK! This includes repeating parts that make no sense to you, asking questions when they don't and try to explain the concepts to someone else in your own words. "Repetition is the mother of retention," it has been said. So keep repeating it until you can't make a mistake. When you ask someone who knows the material well they can perhaps explain it in a way you have never considered before and makes more sense to you. If you can put it into your own words while explaining it to a knowledgeable person and have it make sense to them, then you have learned the material well.
After the preparations are finished the best thing you can do is relax. Many people try to cram study before a test. This is like trying to fill a cereal bowl with a firehose... it seldom turns out well. Relax! If have prepared well beforehand then you have nothing to worry about going in. Even if you didn't learn everything perfectly it is okay. This is just a test, it is not a real emergency. If it had been a real emergency you would have been given further instructions. This is just a test. Life is full of them. Don't be anxious, have a nice dinner, joke with friends, play games, and go to bed at a decent hour the night before.
These are the rules that I use when taking tests and there have been few I could not pass.

Eric from Georgia
College Freshman
Western Governors University