Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying can be a complex activity for a scholar. There is plenty of material to study and not much time in the day to cover everything or the essential. Here are a few things that I have taught myself to make my study sessions effective.
The first thing is planning it out. Whether it is day to day or week to week, a plan is necessary and can be adjusted for whatever life throws at you. I recommend getting a physical planner to write down due dates for assignments or purchase a free or paid digital planner from your phone’s app store. If you have something to remind you of what needs to be done, it will keep you in line.
When I plan for a study session, I keep the Pomodoro Technique in mind. This technique is for time management and it breaks down my study session into intervals of 25 minutes study time and 5 minutes of break. I do not use my phone (specifically social media apps) during the study time (keeping the phone on airplane mode helps) so I keep focus on my work. During the 5-minute break, I stretch, get a snack or drink from the kitchen, or talk to whoever is in the house just to clear my mind of tension. It is amazing how much work you can accomplish in 25 minutes.
Lastly, the work environment is critical to your studying proficiency. Having a clean desk or table allows you to keep your mind clear. You cannot become distracted or uncomfortable with an object sitting on your table if it is not there. Turn off your television and staying away from others is helpful, that way you can focus on the task at hand. I like to listen to slower gentle genres of music (smooth jazz, lofi hip-hop) to not lose focus on the content that I am working on.
Most critical elements of test prep do not come from the content that is studied. It is more of how effective the studying session is. If you have a great study habit, you can make the most of the session and have higher grades on tests. These studying tips have helped me, I know that they can help you too.

Nathan from Texas
College Junior
Sam Houston State University