Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To prepare for a test I like to skim over previously read content that may be on the test. I then read the questions at the end of the chapter and try to answer them correctly. I find that fill in the blank and multiple choice worksheets help with remembering content that I will be tested on. After reviewing and quizzing myself, I will explain and discuss with my husband the contents I may be tested on. I find that helps to cement in my head the content and helps me build my confidence. In areas that I may struggle with, I find that searching for youtube videos that may help explain better or visually show me a process of anatomy and/or physiology I may be studying at that time. I find that studying for about 2 hours once or twice a week helps to keep the content fresh in my brain. I will ask my professors for help if I am having trouble remembering or understanding a topic. Going back to school for my registered nurse license, I find that my classes are more of refresher courses so far due to my experience in the field as a licensed practical nurse. I'm excited to continue my education and complete the program to better myself for my family and be able to better contribute to my community.

COURTNEY from Florida
College Freshman