Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Having to take a test has been one of the most stressful activities I had to do in high school and even during college. It would be a constant cram days before the tests and afterwards, since I over-think about most things, it feels like a weight is still on my shoulders. I never had any special routines or activities that would help me test preparation, however, out of desperation, I have tried strategies or pre-test activities to help, but only came across three specific ways to help me with a test.
Let us say that you have a test on Friday, and you have from Monday until then to study for the test. People usually cram all week, from the morning until night, and even going as far as to studying they day of, right before the test. However, in my case, I would study from Monday through Thursday giving each day thirty minutes each for study time. On the day of the test, I would quickly study for 10 minutes before the test. I would not recommend this studying strategy to everyone because of how little time there is for studying, however, this schedule really helped me process lessons quicker and ultimately, help me memorize the subject at hand.
For cases when I am studying for a test on a subject that I am very familiar with, I do not take as much time compared to a test that for a subject that I find difficult. For this strategy, I usually take two days mainly for studying; one for studying the lessons I need more practice on and the second day for lessons I understand but could use work either way. On the first day of studying, I practice the problems I do not understand, and I continue doing them until I find an easier method of solving or understanding a lesson. As for the second day, I turn to lessons that I have no problem with, but I still run through a few problems and compare answers with the back of the book. Lastly, on the day of the test, I take ten minutes during a break to run through all my notes and compare them to the book as well as with peers and

Gabriel from Arizona
College Freshman
Pima Community College