Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is something that is different for everyone. Everyone seems to have a unique way of preparation that works best for them; however, I believe that my simple approach is a method that is important for all to practice. When preparing for any test, my first priority is ensuring I receive a proper amount of sleep and nutrition. Even with hours of studying or any other preparation method, if you are not properly taking care of your body and your health, those hours of studying could be going to waste. When preparing for a test, many overlook the importance of physical and mental well being, however, in order to perform at ones highest capacity, personal care is vital. After I ensure that these basic needs will be met, my second priority is ensuring I receive quality preparation rather than a large quantity of preparation. Effectiveness in study is very important, especially when time is so limited. To ensure my study will be effective I set aside a proper amount of time, limit distractions, and focus on areas that most need my attention. I use many resources like reliable internet sources, my textbook, and in some cases, trusted mentors. Effective study revolutionizes the way I properly prepare for my tests. While using these two simple methods of test preparation, I believe that anyone can be successful in any exam.

Mary from Utah
High School Senior
Farmington High School