Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation and performance under pressure are the essential characteristics to success. Anxiety and worry can slowly creep into the forefront as the exam nears. Over the years, and countless exams, I consistently noticed the same feelings and sensations leading up to test day. Until one remarkable day, where forever my thought process changed. I listened to a dialogue from Will Smith discussing fear-based thinking. The context he used was sky diving, and the premise was based on how the hours, even days leading up to jumping out of the plane it's normal to find yourself in panic, worry or even downright terror. Once he jumped however, he felt bliss, now in an exam setting maybe we don't feel like we are flying or 10,000 ft. above earth, but we do lose the weight of the worry and doubt because we are in the moment. All the moments leading up to the jump meant nothing, for the true anxiety is when the exam is placed on the table. This taught me to mentally accept, even look forward to the exam, as that alone will propel the mind to be at peace during preparation and with what is to come.

Each exam I prepare for begins with the same process. Leading up, I create fifty flash cards ranging from easy to hard. This allows me to mentally gain momentum through the exam prep. Once complete, I begin the note review and highlighting of the textbook's main points of the chapter. I then revisit the flash cards and add another twenty more of the material initially left off to build confidence. Most importantly, throughout this whole prep, I remind myself, I am ready, that in fact I am going to be successful. I feel like the mind is a powerful tool that can get ahead of itself to force us to think we are inadequate or inept. I have learned, through positive self-reassurance and consistency in preparation with a clear mind wins 100% of the time.

Kaitlin from Arizona
College Junior
Western Governers University