Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have a few different ways to study; I like to implement all of them while preparing for an exam. After every lecture, I rewrite all of my notes and color code them to ensure that they are legible. At the end of every week, I teach the material I learned to my roommate or a friend to ensure that I really understand what I am learning. A week or so before an exam, I begin to go through all of the practice problems and questions that my professor provides in their lectures; I also go through all of my homework assignments and quizzes. This way, I am also able to recall concepts from the beginning of the unit that I may have forgotten about. If my professor provides a comprehensive worksheet, I print it out and complete it as if I were doing a test, meaning that I put away all of my notes and turn off all of my devices and do as much of the worksheet as I can without outside help. Afterward, I go through the questions with my notes and if I find certain concepts that I am not understanding, I write them down and go to my professor's office hours. At my university, our Think Tank has something called "Supplemental Instruction" that is run by students who have taken the class and received an A on the course; if the particular class I am studying for has Supplemental Instruction sessions, I try to go to as many as possible as soon as they are offered.

Daisy from Arizona
College Freshman
The University of Arizona