Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am truly a bad test taker when it comes to standardize testing, so when I was first getting ready to take my practice ACT I went into my counselors office and grabbed whatever old paper versions of the ACT and do them at home. I would watch multiple videos for when it came to my actual ACT, even though I didn't do spectacular I knew in my heart I really tried. For regular school tests I did better, I'm a visual learner so videos and pictures that correlate to topics are what work best for me. For example my physiology class, pictures helped vey very much. I'd make pictures for words that I knew would make me remember them on flash cards, and in the end I ended up getting a 198/200 on my final! I do believe videos and pictures are one of the best test preparations especially for visual learners because its just easier to remember. It's like a memory, when your little you learn from memory. So thats how I prepare and its worked for me so far but I'm always open to learning new preparation practices!

Julissa from Arizona
High School Senior
Flowing Wells High School