Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I try to give myself time to first plan and while I am planning I give myself time to actually prepare for the test. I also try to plan for mistakes or slacking. I will create a brand new set of notes for the specific test. By rewriting all of the information I am seeing it at least once. I then try to type and create a study guide of what I wrote down and that gives me another chance to review all of the info. Depending on the subject, I have different steps afterwards. For example, for history I would try to think of all the events and put myself in them and try to feel how they felt. I do this to try and make it more interesting because history can get boring. But for a subject like math it will always be a review of methods and then practicing them. I will repeat a problem and try to do it different ways every time so I can understand all possible outcomes. I would fudge the numbers and try again. For tests where memorization is key of course flash cards is my go to. I learned that flash cards stopped working for me. I would try to recreate the information I was trying to retain in a drawing so I would remember it and could look at the drawing for reference in every subject. The last thing I do is creating a story from key words. I used to have a lot of vocab tests in the midst of all the subjects. I would use the words and look at their meanings then create an interesting story with them. Even if the story didn't make sense. That was the point to create something that would stick in my head and possibly make me laugh. I am a really good student and I become overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed about tests. I try to take the load off with interesting study habits that helps me stay engaged.

Angel from Michigan
College Sophomore
University of Detroit Mercy