Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Whenever I have a test coming up I use a well developed plan to prepare me for the big day. This is a plan I've been using since I was in 5th grade of course as time passed and I went to the next grade level it became a more developed plan. I first start off with a motivational quote that basically encourages me to do my best. One of my favorite quotes that I always use is "Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." -Malcolm X To me I feel as if the quote speaks to me in the context of studying. When I read the quote it pushes me even harder to study. Because if I prepare and study then I will be successful on my test. The second thing I do is plan my study time. I learned that setting aside regular study time helps me achieve high test performance. At the beginning of a new lesson I implement a study schedule. I don't procrastinate or cram my study time. Over the years I've noticed that a lot my classmates cram there study time into the night before the test or the morning of. A good skill I've mastered is from the day I learn a lesson I go over the lesson consistently until I have mastered all concepts. Which in the long run saves me from having to rush and study the night before. I also watch for clues. Over the years I've learned that some teachers have methods for introducing test content. A lot of times when reviewing for the test teachers give similar test questions or study guides that's the test format. So I pay close attention during class reviews. I always ask my teachers questions if something is not clear about the lesson. I even go on further to ask what's the best way to study for tests. I found that a lot of my teachers have been open to giving suggestions on the best ways to prepare for tests. Lastly the night before the test I make sure I go to bed on time and get plenty of sleep so that I can wake up and eat a good breakfast. I also have a test taking strategy that I use during the test.

Khalia from Louisiana
High School Senior
edna karr