Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying shouldn't be conducted as if it were simply memorizing lines. Tests aren't testing if one can memorize facts, tests are for testing the application of knowledge. This is why I strongly believe in practicing for exams. When studying, I like to take my notes and turn it into a quiz first. This allows me to see what topics I am most knowledgeable on and which topics need work. Once I have zeroed in on where my focus should be, I search for practice problems in that area. This works for every single subject, not just math. This allows for me see what the application of that knowledge might look like. Additionally, I believe that a major part of studying is taking the notes in the first place. This is why I like to color code my notes, including colors for definitions, different topics, topics I may be confused on, etc. The colors help my brain to remember what was going through my mind while taking the notes through color association. Finally, flash cards. Flash cards are a tried and true method of studying. They help your brain to quickly come up with definitions for words that can be used for application of knowledge. These are the best test preparation practices.

Taylor from Georgia
High School Senior
Carrollton High School