What exactly is BONVITA?

Bonvita is a periodical designed, written, and edited for nursing students by nurses and nurse practitioners.  There are plenty of nursing journals for experienced or specialized nurses, but none for students who want to build good habits of being informed about policies, procedures, job opportunities, career paths, scholarships, and other topics that impact them as STUDENTS.  We want BONVITA to be a handy resource for nursing students and new grads who don’t have the money or experience that other journals often require.

How do I get Bonvita for my college/university?

Bonvita is available for organizational subscriptions.  Please fill out the necessary form here, and we’ll tailor access to your needs!

How do I submit material for editorial consideration?

Please consider our style guide before you consider writing for us. Then, please contact us through the “Submitting work to BONVITA” form. In that form we will ask for a little bit of information regarding who you are and about the topic you would hope to address. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE ACCEPTANCE OF MANUSCRIPTS ON WHICH WE WERE NOT CONSULTED. ALL ORIGINAL RESEARCH MAY BE SUBJECT TO PEER REVIEW.

How do I subscribe to the print magazine and order back issues?

Unfortunately, back issues are only available in very limited quantities. That said, all content from those issues is available online. If you still want to order a physical copy of an issue, those are available at no additional charge (if you are a subscriber), and you can request them here.

Can I read the print magazine online?

All articles that appear in print are also available online. However, not all online articles will be printed.

How do I change the address for my subscription?

Go to your My Account page, click Addresses, and click Edit on either your billing or shipping address.

How do I unsubscribe?

Go to your My Account page, click Subscriptions, click View on your subscription, and click Cancel Subscription.