Career Spotlight – Adventures in Endoscopy

Imagine taking a look inside your body. Do you see healthy living tissue or is there something worrisome under the surface? How do you suppose your body looks compared to that of a close friend or even the stranger walking down the street?  Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on your imagination alone to find … Read more

3 Card-Playing Tips for Nurses – An Examination of the Sen. Maureen Walsh Controversy

The insult to nurses was outrageous. Articulate defenses flowed from social media, medical satire and open-letter academic research. “Keep Calm and Nurse On” decks of cards sold out within days. At least three petitions encouraged the outraged to lambaste Senator Walsh. There’s one problem. Senator Walsh may not be the one who needs to shadow … Read more

Licensure: Defending Personal Initiative in an eNLC World

“Too many nurses,” they said. “And they aren’t practicing the way we think they should. It must be all those independent nursing schools!” And so nurse licensure and nursing school accreditation were born. Give those early physicians and professional nurse organizers their due: numbers of schools and nurses did fall precipitously. That was 120 years … Read more

CMS Updates and Telehealth

Telehealth Image

Nurses may soon see new remote nursing jobs appearing. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released their Calendar Year 2019 Physician Fee Schedule, which details the reimbursements CMS will pay to physicians for particular services. Several of the updates are likely to encourage and increase the use of telehealth, which would provide more career opportunities for nurses.