About Bonvita


Bonvita consists of a diverse group of people, all of whom want to see nursing students better prepared for their careers in patient care. Currently, Russell Morey (MSN,RN) is Chief Content Director and Matt Noble is Marketing Director. Additionally, our authors page contains biographies and credentials of our authors and regular contributors.


Bonvita is a quarterly journal designed especially for nursing students. It contains articles about changes in policy or healthcare that may impact new nurses, career opportunities, nurse friendly organizations, and even NCLEX practice questions.


Currently, there are very few nursing journals specifically for students, and most nursing periodicals are focused on specific states or specialties. That is why we created Bonvita the way we did. At every point in the process of creating our issues, we ask ourselves, “would a nursing student find this helpful?”


Bonvita is accessible as a quarterly print journal that can be subscribed to here. Additionally, subscribers get access to all online content, which is updated regularly. There may be other ways you can access Bonvita, such as through your college or university. If you would like to request Bonvita for your institution, please fill out this form.