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WEST-E Test Review Sections

What is the WEST E?

The WEST-E, or Washington Educator Skills Tests-Endorsements test, is a computer-based exam that contains questions designed to test a candidates knowledge for certain disciplines in the state of Washington. In 2000, the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) was created in order to determine a way to ensure educator quality standards. From there, the PESB developed the WEST-E test to certify potential teachers in their specific discipline of study. Starting in March of 2013, the PESB started transitioning the WEST-E content examinations to the National Evaluation Series (NES) tests and will continue to do so until 2021. Existing and prospective teachers must pass the WEST-E test in order to become endorsed or certified to teach in that area of study.

The WEST E exam covers one of thirty-seven subjects. Each test format may differ slightly, but most NES tests and WEST-E tests only use multiple choice test questions. The only test that uses questions other than multiple-choice questions is the WEST-E Designated World Languages: Latin where there are multiple-choice questions as well as two constructed-response questions. For these constructed-response questions, test takers will be asked to translate English sentences to Latin with proper verbiage, grammar, and word choice. Each individual NES test and WEST-E test has a different time period in which to take the exam. To find out the exact time limit for your exam, check here. Scoring for each of the tests is based on a score ranging from 100 to 300. For the NES tests, a minimum score of 220 is required in order to pass the test. For the remaining tests still offered as a WEST-E test, a minimum score of 240 is required in order to pass the exam.

What’s on the WEST-E?

The WEST-E test questions, in general, consist of multiple choice questions. As mentioned before, WEST-E Designated World Languages: Latin contains 2 constructed-responses, but the more common question standard within the WEST-E tests, including the NES subject tests, is multiple-choice questions. For multiple-choice questions, the test taker is shown a question and then given many choices to choose from, with one of the choices being correct, and all other choices being incorrect. A simple positive about multiple-choice tests is that even if you do not know the correct answer, you can still guess what you think to most-likely be the answer. Each individual test contains its own objectives and content which the test covers. Since there are so many tests, it is hard to cover all of the objectives for each test, so you can refer to the online objectives page on the test you will be preparing for. The list of tests can be found here.

Registration and Scores

Registration for the WEST-E tests (for both WEST-E tests and NES tests) is online. In order to register, you must choose from a nation-wide selection of testing centers and set up an appointment to take your test at that location. Once you have selected an appropriate location with a set time and date, you may want to review the test policies for what is allowed and the necessary identification you will need to enter the testing location.

As of the time that this was written, most of the results for the multiple-choice tests are available at your testing center immediately after the test. However, a select few tests require you to wait for 2 to 6 weeks to receive your results, so test takers should check at time of registration to see when their results will be available to them. Score reports for all WEST tests are available 2 to 6 weeks after the test on your account that you registered with.

WEST-E Test Prep

The WEST-E tests have a severe impact on your certification as a teacher and your career path as a whole. Not taking the WEST-E seriously and limiting your preparation is a major mistake that may have profound impact. For many, passing or failing this test can be the difference between a prospective teacher achieving their dreams of teaching a subject they love and restarting rigorous preparation to retake the test. Failing the test can cause prospective teachers from missing out on available job opportunities and cause their teaching career to be delayed.

Being well prepared for the WEST-E is one of the most important things you can do for your future. Taking a few weeks to review with a good WEST-E study guide is key to a successful outcome on your exam. You’ll want to take your time and not rush things. Also, starting early and working methodically on your test prep will give you plenty of time to take a WEST-E practice test (or two) and look over WEST-E test taking strategies. If you don’t do well on your WEST-E practice test, you’ll still have time to go back and review some more, to make sure you’re ready on test day. If you’re looking for WEST-E test prep help, be sure to click on the links at the top of this page. You’ll find an abundance of free video tutorials to help you prepare for the WEST-E.

WEST-E Study Guide

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