WEST-E Elementary Education Test


The Washington Educator Skills Test-Endorsements (or WEST-E) for Elementary Education is a required exam for anyone applying to be a public school teacher for Kindergarten-8th Grade in the state of Washington. The WEST-E: Elementary Education is divided into two subtests, which can be taken separately or on the same day. The first subtest is composed of Mathematics (about 50 percent of the test), Science (about 40 percent of the test), and Health/Fitness (about 10 percent of the test). And, the second subtest contains English Language Arts (about 50 percent of the test), Social Studies (about 40 percent of the test), and The Arts (about 10 percent of the test).

The two subtests are presented in a multiple-choice question format of approximately 55 questions. If you prefer to take both subtests of the WEST-E: Elementary Education, then you will have two hours and thirty minutes to complete the exam. However, you may choose to take the subtests on separate days, and you will have one hour and fifteen minutes for each subtest. The score for each test falls in a range of 100 to 300, and you will need a score of 240 to pass and receive the necessary endorsements for being a public educator in the state of Washington. If you do not pass the exam, then you will have to wait 45 calendar days for another opportunity on the exam. To perform at your best on your test, please feel free to explore our ever expanding library of free tutorial videos at Mometrix Academy as you study for the WEST-E: Elementary Education. We wish you the best in your studies and for your exam day.


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