Southern Colonies: An Overview

In this video, there is a discussion of some of the characteristics of the Southern Colonies. In the early days of the colonies, most people lived on small farms. A small but highly influential and powerful group of men owned vast coastal plantations. These enormously powerful plantation owners tended to grow a single cash crop (like indigo and tobacco) on their land. These plantations were mostly self-sufficient, but imported luxury items from the Old World. England provided most of the market for the cash crops grown in the colonies. Socially, the Southern Colonies were dominated by dancing, card-playing, cotillions (formal dances, like a ball), hunts, and large community dinners. Southerners were considered to be more optimistic in contrast to the more dour Northerners. Southern colonial culture was highly stratified; movement between the classes (especially upward) was very difficult and rare. People tended to maintain their position.


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Last updated: 01/08/2018
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