Finding a Ratio Given Whole and Part

Finding a Ratio Given Whole and Part

Finding a Ratio Given Whole and Part

In this question, we have to find the ratio of two numbers, one of which were given and the other we have to calculate. What we’re told here is that we have this gas station that has 729 gallons of fuel. 324 of those gallons are diesel and the rest are unleaded.

We’re given the amount of diesel and we have to calculate the amount of unleaded. What we’re asked is for the ratio of diesel to unleaded. Let’s first calculate the amount of unleaded fuel. We have 729 gallons total, and 324 of those gallons are diesel.

The rest are going to be unleaded. 9 minus 4 is 5. 2 minus 2 is zero. 7 minus 3 is 4. We have 405 gallons of unleaded fuel. Now, set up our ratio. Diesel to unleaded is 324 to 405. This is the correct ratio. Now we have to reduce it to have it in the proper form.

We’re going to divide both of these numbers by 3 and see what we have left. 324 divided by 3 is 108. 405 divided by 3 is 135. Once again, let’s divide by 3 and get this down even further. This is going to be 36 to 45. Let’s just going to keep going until we can’t divide anymore. 36 over 3 is 12. 45 over 3 is 15. We can do this once more and we get 4 and 5. The ratio of diesel to unleaded fuel is 4:5.

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Last updated: 12/05/2018


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