What Causes Diaper Rash?


Diaper Rash

In this video, we’re going to talk a little bit about diaper rash (the causes, symptoms, and treatment of it). A diaper rash occurs in infants who are in diapers and also in adults who are incontinent. Basically, the causes of diaper rash are moisture and wetness that remains close to the skin from either urine or waste materials.

There’s no way for the moisture to be wicked away or dried. Because the moisture remains, the skin becomes irritated and often damaged. Sometimes, because it is associated with urine and waste material, it can become infected with fungal infections or bacterial infections.

Once again, the cause of diaper rash is either in infants wearing diapers or incontinent adults wearing adult diapers, a lack of frequent changing so that the moisture from the urine or the waste materials remain in close contact with the skin for a prolonged period of time a rash develops.

You can tell that there is a diaper rash from the symptoms: The red, inflamed skin that sometimes becomes broken and cracked. There is an obvious inflammation and a redness to the skin where the rash is taking place. The surrounding tissue will be very tender.

There will be a sensitivity, a pain response. Once again, sometimes, in severe cases the skin can become broken and cracked. Where a secondary fungal infection is present, red papules will be obvious around the area of the rash. Treatment is to keep the skin clean and dry.

One of the best ways to do this is keep it open to the air so it air dries. This is not always practical, though. Diapers cover important parts of the body that need to be covered, and they are there in order to keep from people soiling themselves (infants and incontinent adults).

It’s not always practical to keep the skin area clean and dry by being open to the air. When that is the case, barrier ointments and creams are critical. These ointments and creams will contain zinc oxide, thereby creating a clear barrier between the wetness and the skin, permitting the skin then to heal.

In the case where a severe cases has occured of diaper rash that also contains a secondary bacterial or fungal infection, in these cases it will be important to not only get a creamer or ointment with zinc oxide to form a barrier, but also to have an antifungal or antibacterial components in the cream as well to deal with the infection.

Just a basic overview: Diaper rash is caused by skin being consistently exposed to moisture in urine or waste materials. The symptoms are red, inflamed skin that’s very tender, sometimes broken and cracked, where a secondary fungal infection is present red papules will be evidenced around the area of the rash.

You need to keep the skin clean and dry, open to the air if possible. Where not, apply barrier creams containing zinc oxide and either an antifungal or antibacterial component where infection has taken place. That’s the basic overview diaper rash.

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Last updated: 10/18/2018


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