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The History of the United States I CLEP Test is designed to cover the information that students will learn in their first semester of American History. The test itself will consist of 120 questions to be answered in an hour and a half. Questions cover five main topics: Political institutions, political developments, behavior, and public policy; Social developments; Economic developments; Cultural and intellectual developments; and Diplomacy and international relations.

Political institutions, political developments, behavior, and public policy takes up 35% of the exam, and the other topics are stressed pretty evenly, so it is very important to have a broad and thorough grasp of the content. Knowing how difficult studying can be, Mometrix Academy offers a variety of videos to help you in your studies, so whether you need to refresh your memory, or learn new concepts, be sure to check out the academy videos to make sure you’re well prepared.

Lesson 1: Exploration of New World

  1. Age of Exploration
  2. English Exploration of the New World
  3. English Colonization of the New World
  4. Jamestown

Lesson 2: Colonies

  1. Reasons for Establishment of the Original 13 Colonies
  2. Slavery in the Engish Colonies
  3. The 13 Colonies
  4. Southern Colonies

Lesson 3: Precursors to Constitution

  1. The Mayflower Compact
  2. Representative Government in the 13 Colonies
  3. Thomas Paine, King George III, and Marquis De Lafayette
  4. The First and Second Continental Congress
  5. Declaration of Independence
  6. Articles of Confederation

Lesson 4: Constitution

  1. Drafting the Constitution
  2. Bill of Rights

Lesson 5: Supreme Court

  1. Marbury v. Madison
  2. Dred Scott
  3. Landmark Supreme Court Cases

Lesson 6: Diplomacy and international relations

  1. French and Indian War
  2. Revolutionary War
  3. Mexican-American War

Lesson 7: Economic developments

  1. The Triangular Trade
  2. The Louisiana Purchase
  3. The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Lesson 8: Cultural and intellectual developments

  1. Manifest Destiny
  2. The Great Awakening
  3. Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Lesson 9: Civil War and Reconstruction

  1. Causes that Led to Southern Secession
  2. Popular Sovereignty
  3. Missouri Compromise
  4. Conflict Between the North and the South
  5. Civil War
  6. Emancipation Proclamation
  7. Robert E. Lee
  8. Reconstruction

Lesson 10: Maps and Chronology

  1. Reading a Key on a Map
  2. 5 Elements of any Map
  3. Chronology

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