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The CLEP American Government exam is designed to cover the topics that college students in American Government class would encounter. The exam consists of 100 questions. Test-takers have one and a half hours to complete all 100 questions. Questions cover three main topics: knowledge of American government and politics; understanding of typical patterns of political processes and behavior (including the components of the behavioral situation of a political actor), the principles used to explain or justify various governmental structures and procedures; and, lastly, analysis and interpretation of simple data that are relevant to American government and politics.

Over half of the test will be over the broad knowledge of American government and politics, so understanding all that it entails will be of utmost importance in order to score well on this test. Topically speaking, the exam is spread pretty evenly between five major areas: Institutions and Policy Processes; Federal Courts, Civil Liberties, and Civil Rights; Political Parties and Interest Groups; Political Beliefs and Behavior; and Constitutional Underpinnings of American Democracy. The expectancy to understand all of these topics can be demanding, but Mometrix Academy has free video tutorials to assist you in your studies, so make sure to check them out to reach your full potential on the exam.

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