Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To prepare for a test is often a monumental task for many, but for me it is very simple. Although it took me a while to figure it out I have found that repetition as in flashcards is the best way to remember the material. From front to back this simple idea is revolutionary to students who want to better themselves. Just write the main topic on one side and the definition or what you need to remember on the other. From little kids to high school seniors use this method. The flashcards embed the information through the repetition and there are many other ways to study, but I have found that the simple flashcard is the best for me. Most teachers make huge study guides or give practice test, but if the school system would help implement a simpler technique for the busier students who do not have time to study I feel as if the students would have a better chance at passing the test, no matter the difficulty. As a high school student oftentimes we are way to busy to do a study guide or a practice and its understandable we have work, school, eight classes a day and extra school related activities, now I am not saying we are not capable of doing all this but if there is a way to lighten the load that would be very beneficial to each student old or young. Each day high school students get overwhelmed with all the school work and everyday life without studying you fail and many kids just choose that option, but staying up until four in the morning for a test you have at eight and waking up at six to get ready is not a good plan either. Fifteen or twenty minutes with the simple flashcard and attention may change all of the stress and may give the student a edge. In conclusion the simpler a study tool is the more it may help and reviews for eight classes are just to much kids have lives also. Flashcards or many other simple tools are the best for busy students like myself, we all need an education, why not make it simpler to get, high school is a stepping stone to the future

Matthew from Texas
High School Senior
Tascosa High School