Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best advice as far as test prepping is to not procrastinate and to study over the course of time because cramming information does not stick. The great thing about cell phones is the mass of information it now provides, YouTube videos are one of my favorite ways to study for a test because its in understandable language, not written in confusing vocabulary by a scholar and typically provided with interesting visuals that further breakdown whats being explained. Along with that, flashcards are another resourceful way of memorizing information. I prefer to go through a set once, then use the opposite side of the card so Im able to see what different types of questions may look like pertaining to an answer. The last way I study for big tests is rewriting notes and information multiple times until Im able to recite it in my head without aid. All three of these tactics brought my composite ACT score from a 24 to a 28 in two months.

Sara from Florida
High School Senior
Blake High School