Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

All through junior high I searched for the best way to study for me. I tried highlighting, note cares, color coding, and many more. By the time I made it to high school, I pretty much narrowed it down to flash cards and color coding.
Before I even have my test review, I always have many different colored pens to take my notes with. I have certain colors for different chapters and different highlighter colors to signify the differences int he things I needed to remember. For example, I have a pink highlighter to highlight anything that my teacher says will for sure be on a test and a yellow highlighter to highlight vocabulary. For me, color coding my notes is a very important and crucial part to my test preparation methods. The colors help the information stick in my brain and when I want to recall something, I can often times try to remember the color it is written in and it helps me remember. I also will use colored note cards to further help my memorization.
As mentioned above, my other and probably most important method is flash cards. I use flashcards every single time I have a test. Wether it has eight questions or one hundred questions, I always put it on note cards. On my notecards, I always make sure to write the information in small sections to help me remember them easier. This sectioning makes it easier for my brain to latch onto the information. My note card method helps me by to take each little piece of information and review it separately without any distractions.
Since I starting using the color coding and note card methods I have improved my grades drastically and no longer worry about the inefficiency of my other, older methods.

Lucy from Texas
High School Senior
East Bernard High School