Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout high school, I have never been good at taking tests. I would have to study two weeks ahead of time to pass tests that were very simple, which caused a lot of stress in my life. My freshman year of high school I remember coming home and feeling defeated because I wanted good grades but I was exhausted all the time. I started to use my time better my sophomore year and it changed the way I organize and prepare for tests today.
I take notes in different color pens so the important information stands out to me. When the class is about to be over I review my notes one time through, and continue to do that the next time I have that class as well. This helps me because I can visualize the notes I took and can memorize them easier if a test is coming up in the future.
When the teacher announces that an exam is coming up, I start on a study guide that day to make sure the information is fresh in my head. Each day leading up to the test I read through the study guide and try to memorize as many little facts as I can. The night before the test I make sure I know all the information and get to sleep early so my mind will be ready for the next day.
Another method students can use is a reward mechanism. Give yourself food or a snack each time you reach a certain point of the study guide. This is a fun way to help yourself memorize the things you don't want to.
These steps have helped me achieve a 4.1 GPA and will help me in college as I pursue a Bachelors Degree in Nursing.

Brooke from California
High School Senior
Desert Christian High School