Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best way for me to prepare for a test is to listen to a particular song I enjoy while studying the material or doing the homework over it. Every time I would study for a history test I would listen to this one really good song with a solid beat. The night before I went in to take the test I would listen to this song and look over my notes and then do this again in my study hall. This helped me recall information that I might have previously forgotten. Another technique I am an avid user of is mental preparation, if you have studied and reviewed the material then you need to be confident in yourself. I believe if you tell yourself that you can do this, you are going to ace this test then you will do better than you would have if you didn't tell yourself you could. You need to have trust and confidence in yourself. If you go into something confidently you will do well! At least I do, if my mind has been told I can do it over and over again then it will believe it. One last tip, give yourself little confidence boosters! Wear your favorite shirt like me and bring along your good luck charm of course! Mine is a lucky penny I found. These just give me that small amount of reassurance I need before I take the test. If you follow these three small test tips I really believe that you will do great on whatever assessment you're about to take.

Lily from Nebraska
High School Senior
Blair High School