Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best test preparation techniques are pretty simple. Most think that it's mainly about reading the entire book or just memorizing certain keywords. To me, it's about truly understanding what is being taught to you. It takes time to learn and understand any topic.
I believe the best test preparation is to study way in advance. Giving yourself time to read things over and ask questions has to be the most effective way. Rushing to remember things can cause you to mix things up or simply forget them as soon as you sit down to take the test. Preparing in advance has a lot of benefits and definitely avoids tons of stress in the long run.
A teacher or Professor might even point out what is important before the test or exam. Even though they point out what is important, you must look at what leads into those points. What's around or near that topic or phrase they are pointing out to you. The things around what they point out to you explains the point much easier. It’s like looking at just ones part of a picture and refusing to focus on the whole picture, to clearly understand the meaning.
Another thing that I like to do before tests is to write down the important things over and over again. Writing sentences over and over has always helped it stick into my head. I also like to make flashcards. Flashcards help focus on keywords or dates that we must remember, especially colored flashcards. The vibrant colors will help catch your eye and remember the importance of whatever is written on it. Quizlet is also another great studying website, they can act just as flashcards.
These types of test preparations work best for me because of how many other techniques I have tried to prepare for tests. I am a senior in high school and over the years I noticed I hated cramming in a study session the night before a big test. After every class I would review what I learned that day and I would keep reviewing every so often, up until the date of the test.

Avrie from Ohio
High School Senior
Crestwood High School